2022/01/12 (WED)

3月5日 公開講演会「外国語教室研究の倫理と実践」開催
March 5, 2022 FLER Symposium「The Ethics and Practice of L+ Classroom Research」


より良い外国語学習および教育のためには、文脈に基づいたより精緻な理解が求められます。そのために、長年、実践研究(practitioner research)の必要性が強調されてきました。実践研究では、教師(および学習者)がそれぞれの置かれた文脈の中で自身の学習プロセスと教育実践の探求に取り組みます。このシンポジウムでは、外国語教育における実践研究分野で国際的に活躍する研究者4名の事例研究発表とパネルディスカッションを通じて、教室における実践研究の際に求められる倫理的課題について考え、それぞれの実践研究者の経験から生まれた新しい視点について議論します。このシンポジウムを通して、多くの方が実践研究を試み、またこの分野についての理解を深めることを期待しています。
The need for practitioner research has been long emphasized in order to obtain more contextualized and nuanced understandings of additional language learning and teaching . Practitioner research engages teachers (and learners) in exploring educational processes and practices in their own contexts. This symposium will see a carefully gathered group of scholars offer both experienced and emerging perspectives on the ethics and conduct of classroom practitioner research via short case studies and extended panel discussion. It is anticipated that the symposium will lend momentum to those who wish to try implementing or further deepen their understandings of practitioner research.


Date and time
2022年3月5日(土)18:00~20:00 (日本時間)
Saturday, March 5, 2022  6:00pm-8:00pm (Japan StandardTime)
This symposium will be conducted in English
Target participants
Undergraduates, graduate students, teachers (primary, secondary, tertiary), teacher-trainers, researchers and others interested in practitioner research
Advanced registration is required.
Free to attend
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Organized by
Center for Foreign Language Education and Research


University of Warwick
Ema Ushioda

Ema Ushioda is a Professor and Head of Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick, where she has been based since 2002. Ema is known for her work on motivation and autonomy in language learning, particularly for promoting qualitative approaches to researching motivation, and she has published widely in these areas. Her books include International Perspectives on Motivation: Language Learning and Professional Challenges (2013), Teaching and Researching Motivation (co-authored with Dörnyei, 2021), Motivation, Language Identity and the L2 Self (co-edited with Dörnyei, 2009), and Language Learning Motivation: An Ethical Agenda for Research (2020).

Sophia University
Richard Pinner

Richard S. Pinner is an Associate Professor in the Department of English Literature at Sophia University. He holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT from King’s College London and a PhD from The University of Warwick. He is the author of four books, including Authenticity and Teacher-Student Motivational Synergy: A Narrative of Language Teaching (2019) and Complexity Perspectives on Researching Language Learner and Teacher Psychology (co-edited with Sampson, 2021). He has also published various articles which have appeared in international journals such as Language Teaching Research and Applied Linguistics Review. His research focuses on the dynamic relationship between authenticity and motivation in language teaching and learning.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Sal Consoli

Sal Consoli is Assistant Professor in the Department of English and Communication at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). His research focuses on the psychology of language learning and teaching with emphasis on learner motivation and engagement as well as language teacher wellbeing. He also has an active interest in research ethics and reflexivity in applied linguistics. Sal has developed the concept of life capital which offers a heuristic to account for language learners’ and teachers’ life stories and understand how these interact with learning and teaching experiences. Sal has recently co-edited a Special Issue on Narrative Inquiry for the journal System and one on Research Engagement for the journal Educational Action Research.

Rikkyo University
Richard Sampson

Richard J Sampson (PhD, Griffith University) is an Associate Professor at Rikkyo University, teaching courses in English communication and language learning psychology. His research focuses on the social and dynamic emergence of language learner and teacher psychology by drawing on complexity thinking. He uses action research approaches to explore experiences of classroom language learning from the perspectives of students and teachers. Richard has published widely in international journals, and is the author of Complexity in Classroom Foreign Language Learning Motivation: A Practitioner Perspective from Japan (2016), and co-editor (with Richard Pinner) of Complexity Perspectives on Researching Language Learner and Teacher Psychology (2021).


Center for Foreign Language Education and Research Office


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